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Honoring Kris Wood

Posted on: April 5, 2020
If you are searching for a way to honor the memory of Kris Wood, here is a message from the Wood family that explains a very wonderful way that we can all do just that.
To Mrs. Wood's Wilmington 'family': 

We want to thank you for the overwhelming outpouring of love and support; we each appreciate it very much.
We also wanted to ask for your help.  COVID-19 has currently disrupted all our lives, not least of all Mrs Wood felt very sad that she wasn’t able to be with you all in the past weeks of quarantine.
Sadly, because of the COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be able to have an open visitation or funeral service at this time.  HOWEVER, we want all of you to feel part of the process of saying goodbye to such a loved wife, mother, teacher and friend.
So we are inviting each and every one of you: students, former students, parents, grandparents, colleagues and friends to stop by Mrs Wood’s home and leave a note for her.  It can be anything – a goodbye, a drawing, a thank you note, a prayer, a poem, a simple heart with your name on it, or any other message you would like to send to her.  It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to come from you.
We will then gather them up and will read them out loud to her during the family service on Thursday afternoon.
As you are now used to, COVID-19 changes usually come with a few rules!
  • Our address is 901 New Oglesbee Road, Wilmington OH.
  • Feel free to use the driveway and turn circle.
  • There is a purple mailbox outside, with a mail slot cut into it (it’s a tote with a hole!)
  • We are trying to keep this contact-less, so please don’t open the lid.
  • You can come at any time of day that you would like to.
  • Social Distancing matters, if someone is dropping off their note, please just wait until they have left.
  • After reading them out loud, the notes will be placed with Mrs. Wood.
  • Sometimes you might have something to say that is just between Mrs. Wood and you. That is okay too, just tape it closed or write “please don’t read” on the outside, and we won’t open it and will place it with the other notes.
  • If you live far away, can’t travel or can’t make it, don’t worry. You can message it to us, and we will print them out and add them to the purple mailbox.

When COVID-19 is over then we will organize a celebration of her life and will let you all know when that happens.

Thank you from Mrs. Wood’s family: Ian (Mr. Wood), David, Jonathan, Danny, and Abigail