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District Administration

Wilmington City Schools Central Office
341 S Nelson Ave
Wilmington, OH 45177
Phone: (937)382-1641
Fax: (937)382-1645


Melinda McCarty-Stewart
Melinda McCarty-Stewart
(937)382-1641, ext. 7485 or Email


Kim DeWeese
(937)382-1641, ext 7493 or Email
Director of Business Operations
Curt Bone
(937)382-1641, ext 7500 or Email
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Nicole Quallen
(937)382-1641, ext 7492 or Email
Director of Pupil Services
Natalie Harmeling
(937)382-1641, ext 7384 or Email
Director of Technology
Don Sutton
(937)382-1641, ext 7421 or Email
Athletic Director
Troy Diels
(937)382-1641, ext 7218 or Email
Building and Grounds Supervisor
Bruce Davis
(937)382-1641, ext 7477 or Email
Food Service Supervisor
Jodie Havert
(937)382-1641, ext 7250 or Email
Transportation Supervisor
Douglas Turner
(937)382-1641, ext 7481 or Email


District Staff

Administrative Asst. to Supt
Jennifer Swindler
(937)382-1641, ext 7486 or Email
Assistant Treasurer (Payroll, Benefits)
Debbie Thompson
(937)382-1641, ext 7490 or Email
Accounting Specialist (Payables, A/R)
Nancy Wolary
(937)382-1641, ext 7488 or Email
Curriculum and Instruction Secretary
Karen Merkle
(937)382-1641, ext 7494
Pupil Services Case Manager
Kim Law
Phone: (937)382-1641, ext 7385 or Email
Fax: (937)382-1645
Technology, Network Support Specialist
Brian Roberts
(937)382-1641, ext 7419 or Email
Transportation Secretary
Yvette Lykins
(937)382-1641, ext 7480 or Email

District Enrollment

Enrollment/EMIS Coordinator
Janene Dunn
Phone: (937)382-7410 or Email
Fax: (937)283-7474