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Our Focus

Our District employs more than 300 staff members (195 certified) and provides a rich professional development program with ongoing support for our staff.

We offer ongoing training and development in numerous areas including the following:

  • Universal Design for Learning in our classrooms to ensure that each and every student is provided equal access to learning opportunities.
  • Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) to improve the overall climate at WCS
  • Trauma Informed Care that focuses on relationships and resiliency within our employees and students.
  • Restorative Practices to help build a sense of community, belonging, and interconnectedness.

Intervention Specialists that are employed by WCS will receive additional training and support prior to the first day of school (and throughout the school year) on understanding Evaluation Team Reports (ETRs), writing compliant IEPs, ideas on how to efficiently and effectively progress monitor, and how to utilize ProgressBook to create IEPs/Progress Monitoring. We believe in an inclusive environment for students and embrace a strong co-teaching model.

Teacher Professional Development

WCS provides a comprehensive growth development program for our teachers. We embed training and learning on Assessment Literacy, implementation of high quality standards-based instruction, PBIS, and Universal Design for Learning. We have Math and Literacy coaches dedicated to working with K-5 students, and strong instructional leaders to support teachers throughout the District.

Our Salary and Benefits

In addition to a strong support and training program for our teachers, WCS also provides a competitive salary and benefits package for our staff. 

Salary and Benefits 2019-2020

Certified Positions

Please use the red "Apply" button to the right of the job posting to complete your online application through our Dayton Area School Employment Consortium portal on Frontline. 

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