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Weekly K-12 COVID-19 Dashboard

Posted on: September 14, 2020
Weekly COVID-19 Summary

Click for Weekly Dashboard

To help our school community stay informed, we will post our weekly K-12 COVID-19 Dashboard in our sliding news bar every Monday morning on the District's website.  

To help understand the information please read the following definitions:

New Cases:  These numbers will be printed in black and represent any new cases reported during the week of a confirmed case of COVID-19 through testing or a medical diagnosis. 

Quarantine:   These numbers will be printed in gray and represent any new quarantines reported during the report week. 

Please remember that our weekly chart will only indicate NEW information from the week, and not cumulative numbers.  You can view our archived weekly dashboards to see current and prior weeks. 

We must remain vigilant about our social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing and sanitizing efforts.  Our schools remain committed to helping to keep our staff and students safe while working hard on meaningful learning during our in-person days and remote days.


Notification Procedures

Building Notification:   We will post a building notification on an impacted school's website within 24 hours if a student or staff member in a particular building is positive for COVID-19. This notification is for informational purposes only. If your child was in a classroom or in close contact of the positive case you will receive additional notifications and information. 

Building Notification Page (also linked in alert banner at the top of every webpage)

Classroom Notification:   The school will send a direct notification to classroom parents if there was a Positive Case of a student or staff member in their child's classroom.  This does not mean that your child is quarantined unless they have met the “close contact” definition.  This notification is for informational purposes only.  


Individual Notification (Close Contact):  The Clinton County Health District will notify the student’s guardians directly if they have been in close contact with someone who tested positive and will provide directions about the need to quarantine.  Close contact means being closer than six feet apart for fifteen minutes or more while the person was infectious, which applies from two days before any symptoms began. 


How to Report a Student COVID-19 Case

If your child tests positive for COVID-19 or is clinically diagnosed with COVID-19 we need you to notify the school within 24 hours. This includes our Virtual Ed Students, as they are still WCS students and may be interacting with our in-person learners through extracurricular and other activities. 

Visit Parent Resources for details on how to report a student COVID-19 case or exposure.


Thank you to our WCS families for your support during school hours and for making the efforts and sacrifices after school hours and on weekends to help keep the virus from spreading. We know that even with our diligence in prevention methods, we may become sick or exposed. 

It will take all of us working together in school, in your household, in family and friend groups, and in the community as a whole. Please encourage your child to follow the safety guidance they are learning and practicing in school during their time outside of school and contact the school right away if there are any concerns.

Thank you for your partnership. Together we are Hurricane Strong

Mindy McCarty-Stewart, Supt.