Wilmington Middle School

Guidance Department


Phone:   937-382-7556
Counselor:   Justin Goodman
Counselor:   Jasmine Tolbert  
Counseling Intern:   Morgan Combs






Activities at WMS

View our Clubs & Activities page for information on our wide range of opportunities for Middle School students to be involved. 


Advisory 2020-21

All middle school students will be meeting with their advisory group for 20 minutes daily.

During advisory time this year the students will be participating in restorative practices circles to build a sense of community and stronger relationships. The circles will also be used to problem solve issues that might arise. Also, each week the students will be performing grade and attendance checks and creating goals around these areas.

One additional component of advisory will be digging deeper into the new social-emotional standards that the state of Ohio initiated this school year.

Ways to Communicate with Your Teen

Here are some tips for communicating with your teen:

  • Make yourself available for talks and try to have them everyday.
  • Offer praise when deserved and remember to express your love. Even if they act like they don't hear you, they do.
  • Use good eye contact, it shows them that you have time for them and want to hear what they have to say.
  • Be brief. Don't feel you have to know all the answers. It's OK to say, "I don't know, let's find out together."




Bullying means repeatedly picking on or hurting another person:

  • Physically - hitting, tripping, kicking, etc
  • Verbally - name-calling, making threats, spreading rumors, etc
  • Emotionally - purposefully excluding someone, manipulating friendships, etc

Students, if YOU are being bullied:

  • Stay calm and realize there are people that can help.
  • Reach out to the nearest teacher, counselor, adult, or family member.

If your child is being bullied you can help by:

  • Staying calm and talking to your child and the school.
  • Reassure your child that you and the school will help them.
  • Ask questions - Do they know why they are being bullied? Is there something they can do to help?
  • Think of peaceful solutions together - this will help them to gain confidence.

Hurricane Pride Recognition Program

Students are recognized by staff member for meeting and exceeding the Cane Way Expectations throughout the school day.  Recognized students are announced during the morning announcements and receive a Hurricane Pride band.