Small Changes, Big Impact (School Schedule for 2024-25)

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Small Changes, Big Impact (School Schedule for 2024-25)

Jun 11, 2024
new start and end times 2024-25

With the closing of East End, the district took the opportunity to re-evaluate our school and transportation schedules. In reviewing both schedules, the district has made some minor adjustments in school start and end times in order to maximize instructional time during the school day.

Beginning in 2024-25, staggered start times will be implemented for the school year at both Holmes Elementary and Denver Place Elementary. This change will have the following positive impact at both schools:

  • Staggered drop off and pickup for parents who have students at both elementary schools
  • More predictable bus schedules, increasing the likelihood of on-time arrival and dismissal
  • Recapture lost instructional time by improving transportation route schedules
  • Additionally, streamlining the food service process for breakfast will cause fewer disruptions to classroom time

In order to accommodate these changes, the start and end times for both Wilmington Middle School and Wilmington High School have been altered as well. Please note below the slightly earlier start and end times for the WMS and WHS school day.

Below are the revised start/dismiss times for 2024-25:

  • WMS and WHS: 7:40-2:30
  • Holmes Elementary: 9:10-3:35
  • Denver Elementary: 9:25-3:50

We are excited about the potential postive impact that can be made from making small changes to the school schedule and our transportation/foodservice processes.

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