WHS April 2022 SOTM

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WHS April 2022 SOTM

Apr 18, 2022

Please join us in congratulating the following students who have been selected as April Students of the Month for Wilmington High School! Read on to see what great things their teachers have to say about this outstanding group of students.

Noah Geggie

Choir Department: Noah Geggie

Noah embodies these three C's that help make Wilmingtones a positive and successful environment: Communication, Consistency, and Care. He is attentive to details and communicates with questions for the success of the group. Noah is consistent with his actions at daily rehearsals and choreography rehearsals. Most of all, he cares for the work he does and for the people he does the work with. He has been a great foundation for our bass section and works hard to represent with pride and professionalism while also being someone you can enjoy being around. 

Addison Beckett

Art Department: Addison Beckett

Addison has grown into a great artist this year. Her passion and positivity is refreshing and shown through her work. Keep it up Addi - you're a joy to have in class!

Zainne Cowin

Theater Department: Zainne Cowin

Zainne is the only senior in this section of Theatre Arts 2. He always arrives to class on time with all work completed for the day. Zainne is an active participant in class. He may not always raise his hand, but when called upon, Zainne gives appropriate, intelligent responses to questions. He is a good role model to the underclass students on how to prepare for class and completing assignments on time.

Jesse Parker

Ag Department: Jesse Parker

Jesse Parker is the Ag Department Student of the Month for April. Jesse works really hard in both of his ag classes and as a student aide. Recently Jesse volunteered to bring his truck in and show the Mechanical Principles class how to do an oil change. Jesse gets all his work done on time and works to help his classmates. He has been taking all kinds of leadership opportunities in the classroom and FFA. Congratulations Jesse!

Sabrina Campos

English Department: Sabrina Campos

Sabrina is the English Department April Student of the Month. Sabrina has many great qualities. She comes to class prepared and ready to learn. She shares her thoughts and is willing to go beyond assignment expectations in order to share her understanding of the content. Her determination and work ethic will serve well into the future.

Reagen Reese

Science Department: Reagen Reese

Reagan asks good questions, recently suggested an alternative assessment. She is an example to others, well-behaved, organized, and is a team player in the classroom.

Kailey Pfister

Science Department: Kailey Pfister

Kailey Pfister is the Science department April student of the month. Kailey continues to do a fantastic job coming to class prepared and excelling in all that we do in physical science. In class she only gives 100% and is often willing to help her classmates understand an assignment. Cannot wait to see what Kailey does next!

Hannah Scott

Foreign Language Department: Hannah Scott

Hannah is the Student of the Month for French because she maintains her composure and is always ready to learn. She is always willing to volunteer to give a homework answer or to read aloud even if she's not sure if she's going to say a word correctly, that kind of risk-taking is so necessary in learning a language. She is always on top of her work, and though she is an athlete and sometimes has to miss class for a track meet, she never misses an assignment. She is a great addition to her French II classroom.

James Singleton

Math Department: James Singleton

James Singleton is the math student of the month for April. James is always prepared for class whether that is with work due that day or a test or quiz. He is willing to work with others and lends a hand when asked. He is polite and kind in the classroom. He has been, and I am sure will continue to be. a positive role model for his peers.

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