WHS February 2023 Students of the Month

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WHS February 2023 Students of the Month

Feb 21, 2023
Shaun Arbogast

Business Department: Shaun Arbogast

Shaun is the engineering/business department student of month for February. Shaun is an integral member of our IED class. He demonstrates superior CAD skills, grit and integrity. Shaun is always willing to help other students and he brings a positive attitude to class. All students should follow Shaun's example of character and work ethic.

Carlie McCoy

Choir Department: Carlie McCoy

It is an honor to commend Carlie McCoy as Wilmington Choirs’ student of the month. Carlie consistently represents our choir and all she commits to, with pride and professionalism. Her actions, hard work and kindness are beyond exemplary and inspire the best of our program. Carlie has worked hard to achieve another superior rating in solo and ensemble contest and has helped lead Wilmingtones to achieving a superior rating as well. Carlie maintains a positive impact while also diligently balancing her other commitments in school. We are proud to recognize Carlie McCoy as our Wilmington Choirs student of the month.

Nick Kaufman

Exceptional Student Education: Nick Kaufman

Nick has done an exceptional job participating in class discussions. He is a willing participant and class helper! Nick has made great strides towards his academic goals.

Josie Heys

Theater Department: Josie Heys

Josie works hard on and off the stage. She is a perfectionist who like to "get it right." Whether doing choreography or set design Josie works hard on every single detail. In Stagecraft Josie has mastered every type of saw we use in class. I can simply give her a cut list and by the end of class I have a collection of wood cut to right length. Josie is quick with a drill and always willing to lend a hand where needed. When given a job I know Josie will not only complete the task in a timely manner, it will be done right the first time.

Bella Earley

Ag Education: Bella Earley

Bella is the Ag Education student of the month for February. Bella is a sophomore and second year member of the Wilmington FFA chapter. Bella is the secretary of Wilmington FFA, she is involved in Parliamentary Procedure, Public Speaking, and Livestock Judging. Recently Bella wrote, memorized, and gave a speech about grain fed versus grass fed beef, her FFA Secretary book received a gold rating- the highest recognition that an FFA secretary can receive. Bella always has a positive attitude with everything she does and is an amazing leader. Bella is more than deserving of a student of the month award.

Ashley Delph

Social Studies Department: Ashley Delph

Ashley Delph is recognized as a leader in the classroom and is always focused on high quality academic work. Ashley has a rigorous academic schedule, works hard, and is always prepared for class. Ashley takes the initiative and is a very productive student. She does not hesitate to ask the important questions in class, and always seeks to clarify expectations. Her work ethic and academic performance in Honors Government and CCP Micro and Macroeconomics makes her an exemplar student. Congratulations Ashley!

Ciarah Rittenhouse

Math Department: Ciarah Rittenhouse

I am nominating Ciarah Rittenhouse for the Wilmington High School Mathematics student of month for February. Ciarah began this year deficient in math credits, but has now become one of the strongest students in my class. She always models to my freshmen what it looks like to be a mature, serious, hard working student who understands the concepts on a deeper level. Ciarah has been determined to change the trajectory of her future this year and is a shining example to others that past mistakes do not have to determine your future success.

Alice Clair

Art Department: Alice Clair

Alice is the Art Department Student of the Month! Alice always goes above and beyond with her projects in printmaking class. She may struggle to start on time and commit to an idea for her project, but she makes up for it with brilliant execution and a great final product. Alice is never afraid to challenge herself with difficult designs or to venture out and try something completely new. Her creativity and dedication with creating art inside and outside of the classroom is to be commended. Congratulations Alice- and keep up the great work!

Liam Rolston

English Department: Liam Rolston

Liam Rolston is the English Department's February Student of the Month. Liam is an exceptional student: conscientious, curious, creative, analytical, and philosophical. An eloquent writer and communicator, Liam is always willing to share his thoughts in class helping other students make deeper connections to literature and life. Congratulations to Liam Rolston for being chosen as the English Department's February Student of the Month.

Lill Keniston

Science Department: Lill Keniston

Lilly deserves student of the month in Science because she is always driven to give her best and complete her work on time. She goes above and beyond expectations that I set and is a model student for her peers. She is willing to help others succeed and is always a team player. Way to go Lilly! Keep up the great work in Science!

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