WHS October 2022 Students of the Month

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WHS October 2022 Students of the Month

Oct 14, 2022
WHS Students of the Month stage

WHS is proud to announce the October Students of the Month! We hope you'll take a few minutes to see what their teachers have to say about these outstanding students.

Sarah Vizcaya

Social Studies: Sarah Vizcaya

Sarah is the Social Studies department student of the month for October. Sarah is always engaged in class and participating in discussion. She always has a positive attitude and helps her classmates when she can. Sarah also puts a lot of effort into making sure she completes her work thoroughly and accurately. Keep up the good work!

Owen Siders

Math: Owen Siders

Owen has overcome the challenge of changing math teachers. He is working hard during class and asking clarifying questions when he doesn't understand what is being asked. He is a good model for the other students in his group.

Shawndale Frazier

Physical Education: Shawndale Frazier

Shawndale has been an excellent student so far this semester. He comes to class everyday with a great attitude and smile on his face. He tries his best, is respectful to everyone and helps out when needed. Keep up the great work Shawndale, we appreciate you young man.

Tanner Vance

Choir: Tanner Vance

Tanner is a born performer who is consistent in her practice and attention to detail on and off the stage. She leads with her expression and passion for music. She is willing to work hard, try new things and inspire others to do the same. Tanner gives her all and motivates others to do the same by her example. We are privileged to have Tanner in Wilmingtones and represent the choir department as student of the month.

Lilly Abney

Science: Lilly Abney

The science department would like to nominate Lilly Abney for October Student of the Month. Lilly is kind and always willing to help others around her. Her attentiveness and drive to want to learn is contagious in my classroom. Thank you Lilly for being such a positive role model to others around you.

Noah Connaroe

Theater: Noah Connaroe

Noah sits in the front of Theatre Arts. With a notebook on the desk and a pencil in hand, Noah is always prepared for class. Noah volunteers to read aloud in class and even takes notes while others are reading. Classwork is done in a timely manner with an enthusiasm to learn more. Noah offers unique insights and well thought out responses to anything we are discussing. Noah is a joy to have in class.

Carley Calvin

Exceptional Student Education: Carley Calvin

Carley has worked very hard to increase her independence in school. She is an encouraging friend to her classmates and always has something kind to say. Carley does her work and all her jobs daily with a smile. She is a true joy to have in class.

Kayla O'Dell

Health: Kayla O'Dell

Mickayla is the Health Department student of the month! She sets a great example for her peers and works well with others. She works very hard in the classroom all while participating on the volleyball team! Her future is very bright!

Caylee Younger

Success Academy: Caylee Younger

Caylee has started off the year great in Success Academy. She has already completed the course and is currently on her 3rd. She is on track to finish the year in Success Academy strong. I am very proud of her dedication and willingness to finish her course for graduation. Caylee is modeling what a Success Academy student should look like. Congrats!

Will Tackett

Band: Will Tackett

Will participates in Symphonic Band and Marching Band. Already this year he is demonstrating great leadership qualities as he has terrific participation during class discussions and in continuously working to improve.

Olivia Cunningham

Main/Guidance Office: Olivia Cunningham

Olivia has done an amazing job at stepping up being a positive example of hard work and determination. Olivia has made positive choices that have led her to see the rewards of her focus, which have shown others how those positive changes can impact a student's path. We're excited to see what the rest of the year holds for Olivia!

Gabby Peters

Ag Department: Gabby Peters

Gabby has been a great addition to the Ag department this year. Gabby has participated in just about every FFA event that she can. This year she started by participating in the soil judging competition and she's also started practicing for the Parliamentary Procedure team. Gabby always participates in class and tries her best, she is kind to her classmates, and has started out the year strong. Congratulations Gabby!

Fabian Martinez

English Department: Fabian Martinez

Fabian has demonstrated leadership in the classroom and a willingness to participate in classroom discussions. We appreciate his ability to connect concepts to the real world and his general demeanor.

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