WMS Plus Period: A Focus on Literacy

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WMS Plus Period: A Focus on Literacy

Oct 20, 2022
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At Wilmington Middle School, one of the goals in building a master schedule for 2022-23 included a focus on extended time for specific subject areas and on literacy intervention. During "Plus Period" students not enrolled in band and choir have a chance to sharpen their reading, writing, and speaking skills through an additional literacy block. Based on a one-on-one assessment, students were placed in specific courses to fit their needs. Literacy directly impacts all subject areas, and developing competency can positively impact a student's path to graduation. In addition to this period, all students utilize a digital program called "Lexia" through core language arts classes. Each student took part in a pre-assessment to determine their strengths and areas of focus. Based on this assessment, students practice specific literacy skills that align directly with their identified needs.

WMS 6th Grade ELA Teacher, Hillary Battrell, shared that Lexia has been successfully implemented in Plus Period at Wilmington Middle School. Students are working in small groups on their own individually-identified needs in grammar, word study, and comprehension. Teachers are working in small groups with students or one-on-one to strengthen skills students are currently working on or skills that students may need reinforcing. Lexia provides a "game-like" feel that motivates student learning and encourages engagement. Additionally, Lexia allows students to see their progress and monitor their growth in each skill set. Lexia has been a beneficial addition to the Language Arts Program in both the core classroom and the Plus Period.

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