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Students of the Month

Posted on: October 23, 2018

Business Department: Triston Thompson-Smith

The Business Department would like to nominate Triston Thompson-Smith as student of the month. Triston is responsible and hardworking, and has demonstrated a high level of motivation. She always has a positive attitude in class. Triston puts time and effort into creating quality work, and her grades show it! Keep up the great work Triston!

English Department: Jacob Murtland

As far as being kind and responsible, Jacob Murtland exemplifies those traits and more. Jacob sets a terrific example in class. He has great participation and self-advocates when he has a question. He's always prepared and ready for success. It is a joy to have him as a student. Way to be awesome, Jacob!

Social Studies: Jenee Valentine

Social studies would like to nominate Jenee Valentine. Jenee consistently turns in work, participates in class discussions, and works well in both groups and by herself. She is an insightful student that is truly grabbing onto the material and making the most of her classroom opportunities.

Science Department: Chandler Wright 

The Science department would like recognize Chandler for his strong work ethic in the classroom. Chandler maintains outstanding attendance in my class. He arrives promptly and is always ready to work. He asks questions to deepen his understand of the content. He is always up for a challenge and is willing to help others that need to hear or see the content in a different way. Thanks, Chandler, for being a positive role model for your class.

Math Department: Sammie Clark

Sammie has been working extra hard in her senior statistics class. She has always asked me what the assignments are that she may have missed and gets her work done even on days she is absent. She is respectful to her peers and teachers at all times, even when frustrated with the math material. She has worked hard to always be prepared for her test/quizzes in classes and always ask questions when she is confused. She has been a pleasure to have in class this year and I know she will do great things with her work ethic and respectfulness.

Physical Education: Josh Holmes

Josh sets a great example in PE. He gives 100% in game play, demonstrates sportsmanship, and gives kind encouragement to all.

Foreign Language: Hannah Joeckel

Hannah comes to class every day with a smile on her face and with a positive attitude. Hannah works very hard in class and has maintained a 100% average all quarter. Hannah is very proactive and takes the initiative in class by completing tasks on time, raising her hand to participate, and by working well with a partner and in groups. Keep up the good work Hannah!

Choral Department: Noah Sweetman

The choral department would like to recognize Noah Sweetman as October student of the month. Noah is a dedicated high school student who is a student aide for our choral director during one of the middle school choir class periods. He is willing to run errands, search for music, and "chip in" and help the young men of the middle school choir by singing along with them. The example that Noah displays with his willingness and enthusiasm helps the middle school students overcome their timidity and sing to the best of their own abilities.

Band Department: Kade Neu

The Band program would like to recognize Kade Neu as our October Student of the month. Kade is a senior and a member of the Wind Ensemble and Marching Band. He is constantly engaged in the rehearsal process by being prepared, being positive and acting as a great leader to others in the band program. Kade is leaving a positive legacy at WHS

Theater Department: Mason McIntosh

Mason is an extremely hard worker in Stagecraft. He is typically the first to volunteer for a job and I know if given a task, Mason will see it through. He is versatile in many aspect of set construction. He is able to use many of the tools we have backstage. Mason has an eye for perfection and will often stay until the job is finished.