Clubs & Activities

College Week 

A week during third quarter where we highlight post secondary education through college scavenger hunts, daily announcements about various colleges, video clips about financial aid, and conversations with staff about what college is like.

Laurel Oaks 

All 8th grade students will have the opportunity to visit Laurel Oaks and see the variety of progress that may be available to them as part of their high school career.

Mini Clubs

Aa variety of mini clubs are offered throughout the school year. They range from cooking club, board game club, walking club, FFA club, etc... The information is announced during morning announcements and students need to pick up a permission slip in the office. Clubs meet one day after school for approximately 6 weeks.


Our Middle and High School students have the opportunity to participate in Instrumental Music  and Choir.  For more information on these programs please visit their websites.



Real Money/Real World 

8th grade students will spend some time going through a life simulation. They will be given a career, salary, and children. They will then have to find housing, transportation, child care, buy groceries, pay taxes, pay credit card bills, utilities, etc.

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