Academic Resources

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Academic resources are available and linked in the sections below. If you aren't finding what you're looking for, please reach out to your WHS Guidance Counselor.

State testing

AIR Testing
These are end-of-course, or EOC exams, and will be given in the spring to students in science, social studies, English, and math. Please see the link for more information about changes to Ohio's state testing. 

Post-secondary credit

College Credit Plus
College Credit Plus is a program recently created by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to replace PSEO. Through CCP, students can take college classes at a variety of institutions and get both high school and college credit. At WHS, we will be offering on-site CCP classes for those interested. If you are interested in signing up for CCP for the next school year, make sure to stay aware of any meetings or presentations about the program.

Career/technical education

Laurel Oaks  - Laurel Oaks Website
Are you interested in a hands-on career like cosmetology, construction, masonry, or digital arts? Laurel Oaks may be a great place to start! Students can start at Laurel Oaks as 11th graders, where they will spend some of there day in academic classes and the rest in a focused, career-prep based environment. Look at their website to learn about all of the programs they offer. If you are interested, talk to your counselor.

Honors Diploma

Honors diplomas -  ​Ohio Department of Education and Workforce
The State of Ohio has updated the Honors Diploma requirements, adding options for focusing on the Arts, STEM, or Social Science and Civic Engagement. Check out the link from the Ohio Department of Education for more information!

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