Student Wellness

State Mandates

Over the past several years, many states, including Ohio, have passed laws with the intent of increasing personal safety awareness and the roles of schools to include certain topics in the curriculum. Schools are now required to provide specific, age-appropriate instruction on a couple of important, yet very sensitive, topics - suicide/violence prevention and child sexual abuse.

Senate Bill 288, also know as Erin's Law, requires each school district in Ohio  to provide developmentally appropriate instruction in child sexual abuse prevention for grades K-6 and developmentally appropriate instruction in sexual violence prevention education for grades 7-12.  Additionally, the Safety and Violence Education Students (SAVE Students) Act or House Bill 123, mandates specific instruction in social inclusion, violence prevention, and suicide prevention every year for students in grades 6-12.

It’s important that parents/guardians review the two letters linked below as they regard upcoming instruction that is required by Senate Bill 288 (Erin's Law) and the Safety and Violence Education Students (SAVE Students) Act (House Bill 123). The letters have also been sent to parents via FinalForms email.

The Decision is Yours

We realize that some parents may feel more comfortable handling this type of instruction at home using their own resources. Others may prefer to have their child instructed on these topics at school. Either way, the choice is yours and it will be respected.

Parent/Guardian options after reviewing the information for each topic:
A. Opt-out of the school instruction by the deadline indicated. You are encouraged to have conversations with your child on these topics using your own chosen materials.


B. Allow your child to receive instruction at school. If you do NOT opt-out, then your child will automatically receive the instruction at school per SB 288 and HB 123.

We have selected age-appropriate resources from the list of providers recommended by the Ohio Dept of Education and Workforce. The links below provide background information on our legal requirements as well as a link to the resources we have chosen so that you can make an informed decision.

Safety and Violence Education (6th-12th)

Erin's Law (K-12)

Please see below for an overview of each SPEAK UP presentation content.  

K-2nd Safety Training

A primary focus for the earliest age groups is emphasizing that adults are responsible to keep children safe. Students learn basic concepts of personal safety and how to identify safe adults in their lives.

K-2nd Safety Training

3rd-5th Grade Equipped Training

Lessons emphasize that adults are responsible for child safety and that, by learning and using a few key safety rules, children can help those adults keep them safe. Students learn how to recognize potentially unsafe situations. They identify their safe adults and practice using the safety rules.

3rd-5th Grade Equipped Training

6th-8th Grade Empowered Training

While adults continue to be responsible for child safety, lessons acknowledge the growing responsibilities and privileges of students in this age group that can present opportunities for potentially unsafe situations. Students learn to recognize possible risks and practice resistance strategies they can use until they can talk to a safe adult.

6th-8th Grade Empowered Training

9th-12th Grade Freedom Training

Lessons address the increasing independence of adolescents, with emphasis on the importance of recognizing unhealthy relationships and unsafe situations, and knowing ways to prevent abuse and get help. Students develop a broader understanding of abusive behavior and preventive approaches while continuing to identify the safe adults and peers that can form a robust safety network.

9th-12th Grade Freedom Training

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