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Pre-K through 12th

Central Registration/Enrollment for all grades is located in Wilmington Middle School, 275 Thorne Ave, Room 139 (1st door in the hallway to your right).

Enrollment/EMIS Coordinator

Janene Dunn Phone: (937) 382-7410 or Email
Fax: (937) 283-7474
Hours: M-F, 8am-2pm (call for an appointment)

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Liason for the District is Mr. Jim Brady, Superintendent. He can be reached at (937)382-1641, ext. 7485.

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Enrollment Forms and Information

Enrollment Requirements

You may upload required documents digitally in the Final Forms file folder. Please review the tips below before uploading documents:

  • Label your document appropriately before or after upload.
  • Upload DOCs, PDFs, and images (JPG or PNG) only please.
  • If taking a picture, ENSURE image is clear and well-lit


Required Documents and Information:

  • Certificate of Live Birth (NOT hospital record) from county health department or passport
  • Immunization form or records
  • Social Security card or copy of submitted tax form that indicates social security number
  • Proof of Custody (if applicable)
    • Legal documents that show custody or guardianship (official court documents)
    • If custody in process, party has sixty days to complete.  Letter from attorney or
      Court must be presented to show status of case.  If not complete within sixty days,
      Child may be withdrawn. 
  • Proof of residency (lease, rent receipt, utility bill, driver’s license NOT acceptable)
    Affidavit for proof of residency may be required.
  • Name and address of previous school attended
  • Parent/Guardian Driver’s License or State I.D.
  • Parent/Guardian Social Security card
  • Grade card or transcript of previous school attended (required for Grades 9-12)
  • Copy of current I.E.P. (if applicable)


If you have any questions concerning registration requirements or documentation, please do not hesitate to call Mrs. Dunn at (937)382-7410 or email Janene Dunn

FinalForms Information

FinalForms allows you to complete and e-sign enrollment, back-to-school and athletic participation forms for your students. The most exciting news is that FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning that you will never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible, for each of your children, saving you time.

You may review your data at any time to verify that it is current. You will be required to e-sign your forms once per year and after any update. Click on one of the links below to learn more about how to access your account. 

To login to your Wilmington City Schools Final Forms Account click here.

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