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2020-21 Financial Planning

Posted on: June 2, 2020
financial planning

Dear WCS Parents,

We would like to communicate with you our efforts to sustain our district through these challenging times.  The staff and Board of Education work hard every day to make fiscally responsible decisions.  With the recent cut from the state foundation for the remainder of the 2019-2020 of  $568,000 dollars and with the anticipated loss of revenue expected next year of $1,860,000.00, we are making efforts to operate our district and maintain quality services for our students. 


Through attrition from staff retiring or resigning, we were able to reduce 9 teaching positions across our district for the next school year.  With our recent move to Grade Level Centers and a ten-year decline in enrollment, we are able to reduce these positions without a negative impact on class sizes.  These reductions will maintain average class sizes of 21-23 in grades Second-Fifth.  Our Kindergarten and First Grade classes will remain around 18 students per class. The average core class sizes in our high school will be approximately 25 students per class.  The middle school was not impacted with any reduction of teaching positions.  This will reduce our expenditures by $711,000 out of the 1.8 million projected loss of revenue for the next school year.  


Further we were able to consolidate the food serving lines at Wilmington Middle and High School, resulting in reductions in force of four positions. Two additional positions were reduced through attrition.   The resulting reduction is $56,455 of the 1.8 million we are projected to lose in revenue the next school year.  


We are now working on additional efforts to reduce our operating costs and protect our district.  With our current enrollment trends we are able to house our Fifth, Fourth, Third and Multi-Handicapped Class at Denver Elementary. The total enrollment at Denver will be approximately 542 students.  This is also the same enrollment projected for Holmes Elementary. When Denver Elementary was a neighborhood school, it housed upward of 666 students. This will allow us to partially close East End, and use one wing to serve our PreSchool Students.  This will help our District reduce approximately $157,000 in operating costs annually.  It will allow our students who were in Fourth grade at Denver to remain for one more year in a familiar school.  It will help us maximize our shared support staff to serve all students housed at Denver Elementary.


In these unique and unprecedented times, we must be innovative in how we respond to all safety, health, educational and budgetary needs.  We are continually working now to have multiple plans on how we can safely operate schools. We are ready to have temporary plans throughout our district and at every grade level to spread out our students if needed for health and safety.  We are prepared to use the physical space at East End for any contingency plan to keep our students safe while being able to attend school.  We are also making sure we are ready to creatively use all school buildings in unique ways to protect our staff and students while providing a strong education.  


We have two parent surveys available for your feedback.  One survey is to help with future planning on the opening of school.  We are now releasing a second survey on your feedback regarding our financial planning.  Your thoughts and input are important to us and we appreciate you taking the time to complete these surveys.  We will continue to do our best to communicate with you throughout the summer as we prepare to open school.