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Elementary Pick-Up Placards

Posted on: July 23, 2018

A Kid-Valet System for Safe Pick-Up!

We have a new system this year for picking up your elementary child(ren) after school.  Based on parent feedback, we've designed a placard system that will be safer for the kids. This new pick-up lane procedure will be the safest, and most efficient, way to pick up your elementary child(ren).

Think of it like a kid-valet system:

  1. Display your placard in the front windshield of your vehicle as follows:

    • Passenger side at Holmes

    • Passenger side at Denver

    • Driver side at EE

  2. Operation Cooperation has maps for the designated pick-up area/lanes (Red Zones) for each school. Stop at the designated area and remain in your car. 

  3. A staff member will note your placard number and bring your child(ren) to the car

  4. Please DO NOT pull around waiting cars!  Just wait and follow traffic.* 

How do parents get their placards?

Placards will be available to pick up on the following days:

  • August 8th (4 PM-7 PM) - School Preview Day
  • August 13th - Open House
  • All other placards can be picked up at arrival on the first day of school.


  • In order to keep traffic flowing smoothly, please remain in your vehicle while in the pick up lane.

  • Please do not walk up to the building to pick up your children at dismissal.

  • If you do NOT have a placard or need to come inside the building, please park in the designated area (See green zones on the maps) to come in to pick up your students.