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Graduation 2020

Posted on: May 4, 2020
class of 2020

Dear Class of 2020 Students and Families,

The Wilmington City School District is dedicated to honoring our 2020 Graduates. We are extremely proud of this class. You built a strong foundation for your future. We value your hard work and accomplishments that have brought you to this moment. The class of 2020 has been a strong role model to our community in how you remained positive and resilient throughout your school career, and most recently during these challenging times. You have inspired our community and our country.

We know that now more than ever, the sacrifices made to quarantine and slow down the spread of the coronavirus will be more important in the months ahead. Each decision we make moving forward will have a tremendous impact on future outcomes. This is a unique moment in time, and you are a big part of a major contribution to saving the lives of others.

The staff and administration have worked hard in designing how to honor all of you in the manner you deserve while keeping everyone’s health and safety a priority. Our decisions are based on the guidelines of the CDC, the Governor’s Orders and direction from the Ohio Department of Health and the Clinton County Health District. Our planning team brought in all ideas shared by students, staff and families. We have consulted with numerous districts in our region and across the state. The team will be reaching out to parents, staff, and students for help in adding the extra touches that will make this celebration meaningful.

To celebrate the Class of 2020, we will honor our graduates by holding the May 22nd date with a Virtual Graduation Ceremony. Postponing the date, as indicated by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Health, “is challenging because of the evolving nature of this disease.” We are also concerned that the unknown of postponing may lead to more disappointment and challenges. We will maintain our original graduation date for May 22nd for a Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

Leading up to the virtual graduation, we have planned additional important moments to honor the Class of 2020. You will be receiving a special video announcement later this week from your Senior Class Advisor Mr. Geggie and your Senior Class Officers. 

Honoring our Graduates

  • May 15th - Graduation Sign Blitz. Staff will be placing your graduation sign in your yard and expect some additional surprises.

  • May 18th-20th - Individual Student Graduation Photo on Stage. Sign up for a moment on stage at WHS with your parents or guardians for a special photo moment with your diploma.

  • May 22nd- Virtual Graduation. Celebration at home with family while remotely staying connected.

The WCS staff is committed to providing a safe plan to honor our graduates. The details of each of these events will be shared in the coming weeks. It is important that each of you do your part to follow the plan to avoid mass gatherings. We recognize that this is a special time and that it will be difficult now more than ever to avoid the temptation of gathering together and not keeping the 6 feet social distance. It is our responsibility to put the necessary measures in place to help you all stay safe and continue to be a part of saving lives. This plan will help you and your families celebrate this milestone in your life.

We look forward to the time in our future, when our country is truly safe in a mass gathering, that we will reunite the Class of 2020 for a social gathering with our newest WCS Alumni, family and staff for a post-graduation reception.

This is the moment we have been given. While this graduation may look different than any of us could have envisioned, we will take this moment and turn it into one that honors and celebrates your achievement in new and unique ways. Together we are Hurricane Strong.



M. McCarty-Stewart